Founded in 2012, MNGO Technology focuses on the development and distribution of mobile and VR games. The company has developed nearly 180 employees. And our business gradually extends from the research and development of mobile game to VR game, overseas agent distribution, APP research and development, and IP copyright operation. Having offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Indonesia Jakarta, we are committed to become "the best global digital entertainment company."

  • Our advantages:
  • Leisure and Competitive VR game development direction
  • Card VR game development Experience
  • Lifelike physical effects
  • Strong support of MNGO game production team
  • Perfect operation and business team support

MNGO VR was established in February 2016. After more than six months of development, it has developed four leisure, competitive and thriller experience games, which are much loved by the audience. With the current scale of nearly 20 employees, its technical excellence and innovative thinking, MNGO has become a VR game development team which leads the trend of VR development. In July 2016, MNGO VR gained a good result, classed in the third position in the "First Central European VR Game Developer Contest". A large number of praises came to the entry "BOMBU!", so that the business cooperation has been carried out with several well-known game manufacturers and hardware developers.

Company History


The first product, "Fantasy Wizard" has become the first mobile game product whose revenue is over a million in 91 mobile game platform. "Entrepreneur", gained the champion during the Spring Dark Horse Competition and the annual top 10, was invested by well-known Internet company over the same period.


"Fantasy Hero" was released and classed in the 5th position of domestic Apple Top Grossing list, it also obtained impressive achievements in Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, North America and other places. The highest monthly running revenue is over 18 million. The company received A round investment from A-share listed company Huawen Media.


We released a number of products, and established its independent brand Enjoy Game&Enjoy Mobile for the entrance to overseas market and layout of agent distribution and overseas platform business.


We signed more than ten comics’ IP adaptation of Comic Friends Culture on the domestic well-known original comic platform. The self-research product "City Warriors" was accessed to Google and Apple global recommended products. Released in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, "Sword of Fantasy" was in the top ten of the Top Grossing list. And we began to study VR technology and prospects in the United States.


The agent product "Paradise War" is listed second on Free List and fifth on Top Grossing List in Taiwan. VR game project is officially launched and we enter the VR field.