Self-research series
Bomb U! (online in steam shop)

Developed by VR MNGO, Bomb U! is a cartoon-style leisure and competitive game. Players play by picking up the props on ground and in the air, then throw to each other in order to smash their respective living space. Whoever falls off the high-profile, the game is over. The game supports online mode, LAN mode, stand-alone mode and other versions. It is the "First Sino-European Developer Contest" winning product and has attract tremendous attention.

Rose Hospital

The game is a horror theme game with the background of an abandoned hospital. The scenes are with dim lighting and strange sound. The proper frightening point brings players an experience of haunted house.


Eat=Die is a cartoon-style leisure and competitive game for mobile players, it is developed based on the good market response of "Bomb U!. The roles of the game are two pigs. Players need to observe the movement of food on the table and pick up food to feed the opponent. After eating, the pig will become larger. When one side dies from too much food, the game is over.

Customized Series
Magical Legend

This game is a martial art theme game, adapted based on the popular animation "Magical Legend". At present the game has been successfully passed the official acceptance of “Magical Legend".